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iPhone 5S SE Blue Screen and error 9 14 after lcd replacement. Wrong screw repair service

Blue screen/error 14 or 9 problem that usually appears after LCD changing or just disassembling the iPhone 5s. Each of these screws is different size 1.7mm 1.3mm, and 1.2mm long. Guess what happens if you install wrong crews, since your eyesight isn’t good enough to notice a 0.1mm difference?

The screw will cut into the PCB and break several 50 micron traces, causing a blue screen error on the phone. Screw was to long and has actually screwed right into the logic board and destroyed the layers of the logic board, (did you know that the iPhone 5S has 10 layers on the logic board
Here we have successfully repaired this issue by repairing the logic board tracks, obviously every case is individual and we would need to see it to assess if it can be repaired, but we maintain the following.
If we cannot repair it then it’s not repairable.


— Blue screen and rebooting
— Error 9 or 14 during restoring in Itunes


Broken paths on logic board will be restored.


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Product Description

  • We guarantee a full refund if the iPhone will not be repaired. (except $9.99 diagnostics and return shipment fees)
  • 90 days warranty provided for this service
Please note
  • This is NOT a “whole motherboard repair service” that claims any issue that your having will be repaired
  • We are not responsible for previous repairs and other issues
  • Please send logic board only or whole iphone (additional $14.99 will be charged for iphone assemble and disassemble)
  • Not accept liquid damaged phones for this service
Shipping and turn-a-round time
Will be done in 3-5 business days and shipped back by USPS first class with tracking number.
US free shipping.


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