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iPhone 5 5c 5s no charging, no power repair service

This can be happen not surprisingly, at some point, iPhone stops charging the battery, fully discharged and it will not turn on. The reasons can be many, the most common ones is the using not quality charging accessories which broke the power controller IC.

It can also happen after replacing the screen or battery or just after the fall of the phone.


— no charging, no power on
— not recognized by Itunes
— charging not correctly
— charging not correctly
— “This accessory may not be supported” message


Replace battery and power flex, try to restore or update to new firmware. Check connectors for mechanical damages. Check USB input and clean dirt with alcohol. Use original cable.


Missing and damaged capacitors and filters will be replaced, broken power IC chipsets U2 will be replaced.


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Product Description

  • We guarantee a full refund if the iPhone will not be repaired. (except $9.99 diagnostics and return shipment fees)
  • 90 days warranty provided for this service
Please note
  • This is NOT a “whole motherboard repair service” that claims any issue that your having will be repaired
  • This service for charging issue only
  • We are not responsible for previous repairs and other issues
  • Please send logic board only or whole iphone (additional $14.99 will be charged for iphone assemble and disassemble)
  • Not accept liquid damaged phones for this service
Shipping and turn-a-round time
Will be done in 3-5 business days and shipped back by USPS first class with tracking number.
US free shipping.


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